And I saw a great white throne,
and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.   And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.   And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.   And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.   And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

Revelation 20:11-15

The Great White Throne

Men and women have been coming before magistrates seeking justice and mercy for thousands of years.  It is difficult to come before another mere mortal person and expect consistent justice much less constant mercy.  Even in a democracy it is never certain that you can come before a judge and expect fair treatment.  The common man does not have assurance of right rulings within the judicial system since it is too easy for those with unlimited resources to purchase a biased opinion.  Even with everything being equitable, it is still difficult for a person with a balanced heart and mind to deliver justice when that individual must make decisions based upon current evidence without real experiential knowledge regarding the case at hand.  In short, justice this side of Heaven is a rare, but beautiful thing that occurs only when men in lofty places heed a higher calling.

Considering the limits of earthly courts, it should be a breeze to come before Heaven’s court because it is in God’s heart to deliver you.  You are the reason He predetermined mercy.  He settled it in His heart to discover and deliver a way to rescue you before you had an awareness of your need.  God will judge every man and woman based upon the laws He has established.  Sadly, we all fail this test, but glad was God when he made another way.  You do not have to face your sins without representation.  In fact, from the community coffers Heaven has hired the finest legal representation in the universe.  If you seek mercy, your acquittal is certain. 

There are those, perhaps even you, that are crying, “But, that isn’t fair or justHow could God have these regulations and just let me go free knowing I violated the laws of the land?”  That is the mystery of mercy.  In the tabernacle in the wilderness God introduced the Israelites to a manifestation of what mercy would look like.  It is called the mercy seat and it is the throne of God.  When He came to Earth to visit the Israelites, He sat on the mercy seat found behind the veil.  

The Mercy Seat

The tabernacle was divided into two parts.  The first part was the holy place and the second part was the most holy place.  The most holy place housed the mercy seat which was the covering for the ark of the covenant.  It was called the ark of the covenant because it was a gold covered box that contained the commandments, also known as God’s law.  There were two cherubim on top of the mercy seat, one to the left and one to the right.  God would sit on His throne in the midst of these two cherubim.  They served as witnesses in the judicial process.  The mercy seat in the wilderness typifies God’s throne in Heaven. 

One of these witnesses favors the law only because he can use it to hold you accountable for every misdeed you have ever done.  He believes that you should pay the penalty for your crimes which includes death.  All the law is based upon the first law delivered to man in the garden.  The soul that sins shall die.  Genesis 2:16-17  This individual is the prosecuting attorney for the universe, and he has filed criminal charges against you in Heaven’s court and has sought the death penalty.  You will report to this court.  There is no place to run and hide.  You and I know your guilt.  Heaven’s inhabitants also know your guilt, and it is written in the court’s records.

The other witness favors mercy.  However, He understands that the legal system must be upheld and that the penalty for your crimes must be met in accordance to the law.  He also recognizes that the death penalty is the proper penance for your crimes.  However, He knew you before you were born and could call you by name.  He cared about you and yours before you knew His name.  He knows that you will receive justice in Heaven’s court because it is a just judicial system.  However, it is a deep, abiding ache in His heart that you and yours may be eternally separated from Him and Heaven before you even know what you have missed.  Therefore, He made Heaven an offer on your behalf.  Heaven accepts the offer.  The prosecuting attorney is currently shouting, “I protest!” 

Let me warn you about Heaven’s prosecuting attorney, Lucifer.  He is one of the covering cherubs on the mercy seat.  He was in Eden before we were.  Ezekiel 28:12-15  He considered it his domain.  When we entered the garden, he considered us usurpers and was bitterly disappointed when God gave man and woman dominion of the garden and the planet.  Genesis 1:27-28  He determined to regain what he considered his rightful place of authority; and by deceiving the woman, he became the reigning prince of our world.  It is ironic that Lucifer means “light bearer” but with his reign, this world became a dark place. 

Please meet your personal defense attorney, Michael.  He is the other covering cherub.  He is also the arch angel.  The apocrypha mentions three other arch angels; however, the books canonized by the Jews and Protestant Christians only mention one arch angel.  Michael is the arch angel, because He is over or higher than the angels.  Jude 1:9   He is not a created being.  His name means “Like unto God” and strongly hints that He is God.  We should also point out that the word angel means “messenger” so Michael is the chief messenger.  The angels were designed to deliver messages from Heaven to Earth at the command of the Chief Messenger, Michael.  Therefore, Michael’s word is law since He is The WORD or the message.  Ultimately, His message would become known as the gospel or good news. Romans 1:1-3; Acts 8:25   

The WORD is a Promise

The WORD made an alliance with Heaven that He would pay the penalty for our sins if Heaven would accept His word.  He agreed to be made even lower than the angels by becoming flesh and dwelling with flesh.  Psalms 8:4-6; Hebrews 2:6-9; John 1:14   Heaven agreed to the arrangement.  When this agreement was made, Heaven was a small community consisting of the Father, the Word and the Spirit, and they are one.  1 John 5:7   

Lucifer did not get a vote and was not part of the original agreement because he did not yet exist and neither did man.  Lucifer feels resentful and blind sided by this arrangement.  However, it was written in blood from the foundation of the world. Revelation 13:8; John 12:23-34  This agreement has become known as the blood covenant.  1 Corinthians 11:25 

God offered this covenant to the first family and later to Abraham.  He continually renewed the same covenant throughout the ages since man continuously violated the covenant.  If you desire the covenant, and declare your convictions before the day of the great white throne judgment, Lucifer’s protests will not void the contractual agreement known as the covenant.  His only viable option will be to deny the rights of many through deception.  Do not believe him when he claims that your sins surpass the grace of God.  During the day of salvation, God’s grace has no limits.

The angel Gabriel is Heaven’s special messenger to God’s greatly beloved ones.  Daniel 9:20-23  Gabriel and Michael are very, dear friends.  Gabriel has been sent on a mission by Michael.  Since Michael is the prince of God’s people, Gabriel knows he can count on Him to provide assistance in his mission of serving God’s own.   Daniel 10:13, 21; 12:1   Michael is the prince of God’s own because they chose Him to reign over their hearts and lives instead of serving Lucifer, the prince of this world.  Lucifer and Michael must contend with one another on a constant basis–always over the law and man’s lack of adherence to the law.  Jude 1:9  This is why we see the covering cherubim on the mercy seat.  One of them is contending for your destruction, the other for your preservation. 

The day of confrontation will not always be avoided.  There will be a day of reckoning between the two opposing forces we call good and evil; light and darkness.  There will be a great war that will begin in Heaven.  However, the ultimate question is who will reign on Earth?  This is the most profoundly important question you will ever need to resolve.  The answer, like God’s mercy is predetermined.  And there was war in heaven:  Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.  Revelation 12:7-8  Lucifer’s angels are on the losing team.  Which side are you on?  You are on one side or the other because this is not a spectator’s war.  There will be winners and losers, but the decision is yours.  Choose life.

The Day Star Rising

Lucifer means “light bearer” because he was created to bring light to the world regarding Godly matters.  However, because his heart became dark, only darkness could come from him.  Therefore, the world became a dark place.  The knowledge that Lucifer brought to the world was also dark.  Sadly, because of the nature of mankind, men love darkness and pursue it even if it leads them to their demise.  Lucifer is also sometimes translated as “son of the dawn” because it is the first light of the day and precedes the rising of the sun.  God has foreknowledge and knew everything that would take place in the garden.  However, God still created Lucifer to give light to the world providing him with a blessed opportunity.  However, Lucifer did not appreciate the roll of nurse maid to Adam and Eve and became known as Ha Satan, “the accuser”.   Notice the irony.  Lucifer determined to deceive mankind so he could demand our destruction.

God foreknew all of this and planned for it.  He could have avoided it by not creating Lucifer, but God embraces free will.  He was willing to create beings of free will knowing the full cost.   Another came willingly to deliver light into this dark world.  The God of Heaven came into this world and His name was the Lord Jesus Christ.  He agreed to become flesh so that He could save flesh.  God created all clay vessels to contain a spark of light, and though the hearts of men are black so that they love darkness, that spark is the day star and has the potential to rise in the hearts of mankind.  2 Peter 1:16-20 

Lucifer chose to deliver darkness and man loved darkness; but the Light of the World became the Morning Star shining in the darkness and many were drawn to the light.  Revelation 22:16  All the sons of God were created with the potential to display this special light and are called morning stars.  Job 38:7  God has promised His faithful ones on earth this great privilege as well.  We too can receive this great light and someday become morning stars.  Revelation 2:26-28;  Genesis 15:3-6 

God sits upon his throne and reigns from Heaven, but because of Satan’s lies most people do not have an awareness of God’s reign and fail to realize that every man, woman and child of accountable age will come before this throne to bow and confess.  Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:11  Those that bow before God in their lifetime as called by the Spirit will receive a cleansing making them fit for preservation.  However, those that wait until the end of all things to come to the throne will only be fit for pruning.  Luke 13:6-9

The Great Atonement

The most holy place in the earthly sanctuary represented the heavenly throne room of God and the mercy seat upon the ark of the covenant represented His throne.  Exodus 25:21-22; Psalm 99:1  Only once a year could the great high priest could go behind the veil to the throne of God and behold Him.  However, at the crucifixion of Christ, the veil was ripped indicating a way had been made that all men (and women) could boldly come before the throne.  Hebrews 4:16

Few are compelled to come before God’s throne at all, much less boldly.  Should we come with trepidation?  The great high priest entered into the most holy place barefoot because he recognized that he was on holy ground.  Certainly we should enter in with respect.  However, if you are angry about something and hold God responsible, do not wait until your anger is put aside to enter the throne room or you may never enter in.  Go ahead and seek an audience with God bringing your anger with you.   You have permission to enter the throne room and present your questions.  In the throne room you will find answers because wisdom imparts understanding which results in peace that soothes anger.  The throne of God is the only source of the peace that passes the understanding of this world.   

God is a loving God and very familiar with all emotions including anger.  He has been frustrated with wayward children most of the duration of the planet.  He knows the pain and suffering only a parent can feel when their children are afflicted or absent.  Genesis 4:9-10; Rev 6:9-10  Anger destroys the body and soul of man and the throne of God is probably the only place your anger can be resolved so feel free to enter in and express your anger in its fullness.  When you leave you may still be angry, but the word of God promises that you will leave in comfort, and as long as you have breath God will continue to meet with you until you have rest in Him.  Believe this–the suffering you have endured while on this planet also makes God mad.  Once you get to know Him better, you will discover that His anger surpasses your own.  He is eager to vindicate and restore to you everything and more than you have been denied. 

It is necessary that man seek God today before the final judgment.  I also think it is reasonable to recognize that before God makes all things new, he will finish all old business in a lawful manner within the reigning judicial court system in front of the great white throne.  Once all old business is finished, it will be time to renew the earth and establish the everlasting covenant. 

Remember that today is the day of salvation and you can not put something of such importance off until another day because you have no assurance of another day.  Do it today, because all men, women, and young people of accountable age will stand before the throne of God at least once.  If you go during the day of salvation, you will receive mercy, but if you wait until mercy ceases, the assumption is that you wanted justice.

Justice Without Mercy

Condemnation at the great white throne judgment will be very hard to deliver, and explains why God will spend a portion of eternity wiping away the tears of the saints.   Sadly, the ones on trial will show their true character.  They will proclaim allegiance to the Father and the Son while standing at the judgment seat; but after they are condemned, they surrender to Satan and surround the city trying to destroy everyone in it.  Revelation 20:7-10

The earth and all that is in it belongs to God by right of design.  He gave mankind dominion, but only for a limited time.  Mankind lost dominion to sin through the deceptions of Lucifer.  God established a time line for the duration of our dominion.  He used 6 days of labor and 1 day of rest during creation to represent the 6 millennia that man would labor for sustenance and the 1 millennium of rest .  At the end of this time, the reign of sin will be up. 

Daniel’s visions reveal to us that in His time God will sit upon his throne on earth and give dominion and judgment to the Son and His saints.  Daniel 7:13-14, 18, 21-22, 27  In Revelation 20:11-15 we read of a great white throne and a judicial process.  God longs to recreate the good garden in Genesis, but before he recreates the new heaven and earth to be inherited by the saints, there is some unfinished legal business.  The saints have missing loved ones that must be accounted for.  In addition, the saints must be in agreement that their lost loved one had every opportunity to receive eternal life and chose death instead 

These individuals receive justice because they never asked for mercy.  How different things would be for them if they had ever, even once, asked for mercy.  There is no place found for them in the new city Jerusalem or in the New Heaven and New Earth because there was no place prepared.  Revelation 20:11-14John 14:2-3 I think this is the saddest commentary in the bible because this group of people includes mothers, fathers, children, spouses, siblings and other loved ones of the saints.  However, they are all greatly beloved by the Father.

On the day of the great white throne judgment every knee will bow to Christ and every tongue confess to God.  Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:11  This happens at the end of the 1,000 years when all the dead, unrighteous are resurrected.  Revelation 20:4-6   The saints, acting as jurors, review the evidence in the book of deeds and if they find one recorded unrighteous deed then the saints accept the condemnation of their fellow man and/or loved one. However, God being loving and impartial, the last seal is removed from the Book of Life and it is opened.  The most blessed thing that could happen for any individual is that their name be found  written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  The saints check for the individuals name in the book.  When the name is not found, the saints deliver the sentence according to their deeds and justice without mercy is delivered.

Like Adam and Eve in the garden, we have all tried to run and hide from God.  Some of us are still running.  When every eye sees Christ coming, they will cry to the rocks and mountains to hide them from the wrath of the lamb and the one who sits on the throne.  Revelation 6:16  Fortunately, God was determined to seek out Adam and Eve.  He is looking for each of us as if He were looking for His only lost child because He is patient and unwilling that any should perish.  It is His desire to impart mercy during the day of salvation because He knows a day is coming when mercy will not be available at the throne of God.  On that day a hiding place can not be found and justice will be delivered.

God’s throne is the only judgment seat in the universe where mankind will go and receive absolute justice.  I have heard men and women claim as they stood before a judge that all they wanted was justice.  In God’s throne room you can be certain you will receive what you deserve if that is your desire.  However, there is a greater opportunity than justice–you can receive mercy, but only during the day of salvation.  Come before God’s great white throne today and you will not be judged in the public arena of the last moment. 

Gog and Magog

Everyone that goes before the throne of God today will receive mercy and take part in the first resurrection which is blessed and holy.  All others will be raised in the second resurrection and will stand before God’s throne and receive the justice of condemnation and partake of the second death.  For the first time ever, all people that have ever lived will be alive.  There are so many of them that the bible says they are like the sands of the seashore.  Revelation 20:7-10   All the wicked from every generation will see God and proclaim that He is God.  This is where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is God.  Romans 14:10-12

The great white throne is for the sentencing of mankind and the wicked angels.  It is where all those that did not partake of mercy when it was offered will receive the justice they desired.  They have all just bowed before God and acknowledged Him as sovereign.  However, when they receive their condemnation, they will rally under the leadership of Satan and try to take the new city of Jerusalem that came down from Heaven.  This will fully demonstrate to the universe that the confession made with their mouths did not spring forth from their hearts.  Their minds have been enlightened, but their hearts are still dark.  Revelation 20:7-15

Armageddon is fought at the coming of Jesus right before the 1,000 years.  Armageddon consists of an army of the unrighteous living during the tribulation that received the plagues just before Christ comes. Revelation 16:13-17  The battle of Gog and Magog should not be confused with Armageddon.  Gog and Magog is fought after the 1,000 years and consists of an army of all the unrighteous that have ever lived beginning with Cain.   This is a vast army that numbers as the sand of the sea since it consists of all the unrighteous from every generation since the beginning of time.   Revelation 20:7-9 

Gog and Magog fought at the end of the 1,000 years

Satan gathers all the people that have ever lived to battle at Gog and Magog, and God destroys them for the final time.  Satan knows this is heartbreaking for the Father, but the devil wants to strike out at Him one last time.  This is where the ungodly receive the second death.  Satan knows he is going to destruction, and he desires to take as many with him as possible.   How sad and unnecessary since it is appointed unto man but once to die, but then comes judgment.  Hebrews 9:26-28  

This judgment can be avoided.  It is God’s great desire that all of mankind would heed the warning and turn from their current path and avoid this certain destination.  This will be the saddest day on planet Earth, but it will be followed by great joy.  After God destroys sin and all its harmful effects, He will recreate the Earth restoring it to the original pristine condition.  My prayer is that the reader of this message will take it to heart and choose to spend eternal life in the New Earth.  Jesus is coming soon, but today is the day of salvation.