Revelation begins with God as the author of the story.  He reveals it to Jesus who reveals it to His angel.  The angel delivers the story to John who faithfully delivers it to the seven churches in Asia.  Thus describes the birth of the gentile Christian faith and represents the universal church designed to remind all mankind of his roots. We know that the foundation for the Christian faith is the New Testament writings resting firmly on the Hebraic writings.  However, the message is to all mankind taking us back to the birth of the nations. 

The geographical location of the seven churches is very close to the landing of the ark.  This area is a place of rebirth and renewal.  God wants to deliver us through a new birth experience and encourages us to become new men and women in Christ.  The churches are to take this message to heart, be restored by it and then faithfully deliver it to the world.  This good news is not just for a people of a particular nation or notion.  It expresses God’s love for all the nations.  Before it can be delivered, the messengers must be prepared.

These passages clearly tell us who Jesus is and what He means to the inhabitants of earth.  He is the faithful witness that will testify in Heaven of those that will testify of Him on earth.  Matthew 10:32-33   He is resurrected from the dead and is the only one with power to deliver us from death–the resurrection of the body is assured.  We have a blood disease called sin and Jesus is the transfusion.  Adam lost dominion in the garden, but it has been restored to humanity through Jesus.  Those that forsake their place in this world receive a place in God’s kingdom.  The priestly role is that of servant to the people of the world.  It is through the position of servitude that our dominion on earth will be restored.

God has in the past looked for a man to deliver His divine message to the world.  Among many, He used Noah, Abraham and Moses.  During the time of the Davidic Kingdom and after, He demonstrated His benevolence to the world through a woman, Jerusalem.  She was and is His beloved whom He chose to deliver His children.  God loves the whole world and desires that they enter a spiritual awareness through rebirth by the woman of His choice.  Of course, just like Mary had a choice, the woman chosen by God also has a say about the children she delivers. 

With the assurance of the words in the first chapter of Revelation 1, God has chosen the church to deliver His children during the last age.  It will be our grand privilege to do so, but what will be our choice?  Many in the church will hear the voice of God and through the suffering of child bearing, will agree to deliver all believers from various geographical locations within the world preparing them to meet Him at His coming.  Many others within the church will not heed the voice of God.  Their choice will be a loss to the world, but the one that fails to deliver the message will also lose their personal reward.  Ezekiel 3:16-21

I have studied Revelation since I was a teenager.  I would read the mysterious passages and long for understanding as it continued to escape me.  Many others, much greater than myself, have also longed for understanding.  However, the first three verses make it clear to us that the understanding will be delivered to those of the last generation.  Revelation 1:1-3  The full understanding of the message will be delivered and received by believers because the time is near.  God is not idle with His words.  He has spoken to all generations since the birth of the church through Revelation, but it is the generation that sees all these things that will not pass away until everything happens.  Matthew 24:33-34 

When the time of the end arrives, God will prepare His own to receive Him.  There are multitudes in the world that have lost their spiritual ears and can no longer hear the voice of God; however, God will speak to them through the restored church.  Will they hear?  Some will, some will not.  Delivering the message is our only command.  God’s faithful ones will hold to that and not sway back and forth by the receptiveness of the world to the message.  Ezekiel 2:3-8

We must not make light of God’s invitation to the church.  It is a calling with the option to resist; however, the reward for hearing the voice of God surpasses the limitations of all language making it indescribable.  Also, where there is reward expect penalty.  The penalty for ignoring God’s calling will make void all the entitlement an individual ever had.  Your vessel, like the womb of a barren woman, will be empty and useless for bearing fruit.  

It is made abundantly clear in Revelation that this calling belongs to the church because the letters are addressed to the churches in Asia where Christianity has its earliest beginning.  Revelation 1:4, 11, 20; 2:1-29; 3:1-22   Are we the only messengers?  Pray to God that we are not, and thank Him for sending us the angelic hosts to assist us.  We can rest in the assurance that what has been provided will be sufficient. 

This mission has been delivered from Heaven to Earth.  In Heaven there is abundance for all, but on earth there is abundance for some and great need for all others.  It is the desire of all true believers that things will be on earth as they are in Heaven.  God is eager to bless us from Heaven’s coffers.  The opportunity is for all of humanity.  It has been signed and sealed by the Father, the Spirit and the Son.  Revelation 1:4-5a   This mission has the insignia of Heaven’s dignitaries witnessing the significance of the delivery.  This is a mission of cosmic importance.

The beginning of the mission assigned to the last generation of believers will not be delivered with great pomp and circumstance because the world will resist; therefore, it is a mission of stealth.   The plans to deliver the ones imprisoned by the dark one currently reigning on earth have been in place since the foundation of the world.  These plans are quietly being initiated to the called ones of the last age.  Yet, through the mystery of God, all will hear; but many will pass on this opportunity themselves while also prohibiting others. 

No expense has been spared and the cost of a single soul can never be considered too high.  This mission will cost all of us.  It should since it is our battle and only the love of God would move Him to fight on our behalf.  Hold to the promises found in Job that all will be restored with a double portion in full measure.  Do not be afraid to invest your resources in the kingdom of God because great is your reward.